Domestic Violence is a CRIME!!! Each year about one third of the women murdered in the United States are killed by a husband or boyfriend” – Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Abuse is about POWER, CONTROL and BULLYING!

Signs of Domestic Violence 

· Bruises and scars 

· Excessive makeup to hide bruises  

· Making excuses for partner rude behavior 

· Isolation or withdrawal from friends and family 

· Fearfulness of partner 

· Anxiety  

Why does anyone stay in an abusive relationship?  

· Ashamed and embarrassed

· Being blame

· Being pressure

· Fear of losing children

· Fear of losing partner

· Fear of losing financial support 

Planning to leave your abuser

· SAVE the EVIDENCE of being abused  . Doctors records

. Police records 

· A journal with detailed activities of being abuse  

· Personal documents (police reports, custody papers, passports, leases, credit cards, immigration papers, Lap tops, phones, personal devices 

Getting out of the home

. Dial 911

. Get the police to help escort you out of the home

. Contact Urban Women Safe Haven for immediate help 

Overcoming Domestic Violence

Loving you ENTIRELY

Learning to LOVE YOU AGAIN

Urban Women Safe Haven Domestic Violence Shelter 

718 421-4035

Talk confidentially with experts 

24/7 National Domestic Violence Hotline


DV Events

Domestic Violence Workshop


DV Workshop @ DV Shelter

DV Community Carepackages Give Back

DV Community Forum

DV Shelter Care packages

DV Shelter Valentines Day